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The first ExLab A took place on the 25. of June 2020 as an online-seminar with the topic Community of Practice (CoP). The practice partners had an opportunity to present their PALM-4U modelling cases to each other in a Gallery Walk in ProPolis online-forum https://www.propolis-palm-4u.de/ . Afterwards in the virtual ExLab they discussed the infographics prepared in advance, asked questions and exchanged with ProPolis Experts. The ProPolis PALM-4U online-forum is being furhter developed as a room for knowledge and experience exchange.

Please read our Info-Mail #1 - ProPolis project-update in the time of corona-pandemic (in German)
ProPolis Info-Mail #1 (300 KB)

On January 28, 2020, the kick-off workshop in the ProPolis project took place in Dortmund. The first work results were achieved together with participants from all 13 partner municipalities, project partners and representatives from the joint projects MOSAIK-2 and 3DO+M.