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In this short video you will learn about ProPolis-project, its‘ goals and workflows as well as products for practical application to be developed (in German).

Announcement – ProPolis-interim workshop and Community of Practice workshop

Two workshops are planned in April 2022 within ProPolis project:

- 04th of April 2022 - ProPolis-Interim-workshop with ProPolis partner cities

- 05th of April 2022 - Community of Practice-workshop with external users of PALM-4U and ProPolis partner cities

These two workshops are planned to be in Köln, but due to pandemic situation, they might happen as online-events. The detailed program and further procedures will be announced in February.

You can register on our online-forum https://www.propolis-palm-4u.de/ in order to get more information about PALM-4U model and to stay informed about upcoming events.

Online-workshop ExLab “On-site” with the city of Leipzig

The first ExLab “On-site” with the topic “Urban climate adaptation measures in Leipzig East – potentials, chances and limitations” took place on 11th of January. Nearly 30 participants from various municipal departments of Leipzig took part in this virtual workshop. The main goal of this event was to test the handling of novel modeling results in the multidisciplinary planning practice and thereby to work out the indications for improvement of the urban climate model PALM-4U.

In this regard, ProPolis modelers simulated different urban climate measures in a thermally stressed neighborhood to investigate the thermal comfort situation. The participants learned about the application case and the simulation results for the comparison of existing situation with multiple planning scenarios. These included the potential climatic impact of new buildings and redevelopment in existing urban quarters, consequences of surface sealing, tree felling, as well as façade and roof greening.

Following the participants discussed the integration of simulation results in the municipal planning processes. The feedback about the practical applicability varied among the participants. The results of this workshop will flow into the model practicability evaluation.

Info-Mail #4 December 2021

Please read our Info-Mail #4 – ProPolis-project update for the end of the year 2021. (In German)
ProPolis Info-Mail #4 December 2021 (447 KB)

Online-workshop ExLab “Green Infrastructure under climate change”

On 07th of December the thematic virtual workshop with ProPolis practice partners took place. The focus of this workshop was climate change-induced shifts in the urban green infrastructure. Firstly, Guido Halbig from DWD (Deutsche Wetterdienst) gave an introductory input on the physiological impacts of climate change on the urban green. Afterwards, cities of Berlin, Essen, Hamburg and Remscheid presented their best practice examples of green infrastructure for climate change adaptation. Also innovative green adaptation measures Bürgerwolke Soest and Tiny Forest were presented.

Furthermore, practice partners were informed about the status quo for measuring impacts of green infrastructure and possibilities of PALM-4U usage in the municipalities. In small working groups the participants exchanged their experiences about what green adaptation measures are being implemented currently and how the impact assessment of these measures takes place in the municipal planning practice.

Hochaufgelöste Vegetation in PALM-4U GEO-NET Umweltconsulting GmbH

Picture: High-resolution vegetation in PALM-4U© GEO-NET Umweltconsulting GmbH

Online-workshop ExLab F “Wind comfort”

On 04th of November the thematic virtual workshop with ProPolis practice partners took place. In the beginning, ProPolis experts gave an introductory talk about implementation methods of wind comfort according to VDI-standard 3787 Blatt 4 (“Methods for describing and evaluating strong and weak winds in built-up areas”) and presented the workflow of the urban climate model PALM-4U for determining the wind discomfort in public spaces. As an example, an urban neighborhood in Berlin was chosen. Additionally, the participants got familiar with the implementation of the wind comfort on the graphical user interface. As in the previous ExLabs, practice partners had a chance to discuss and exchange ideas among each other and with the ProPolis consortium.

Screenshot of the virtual talk in the ExLab “Wind comfort” © GERICS

Screenshot of the virtual talk in the ExLab “Wind comfort” © GERICS

Online-workshop ExLab “Climate change scenarios for cities Remscheid and Solingen under consideration of the last IPCC report”.

On 06th of October the thematic ExLab about climate change scenarios for cities Remscheid and Solingen took place as an online-event. This ExLab was organized in a special format: the team of ProPolis modellers advised the representatives of the practice partner cities Solingen and Remscheid within a live discussion about the most reasonable climate change scenarios for their PALM-4U application cases. Other practice partners took part as listeners to find out more about the new IPCC findings.

In the beginning, Guido Halbig from German Weather Service (DWD) gave a short introduction about the aspects of climate change that can be important for the cities and municipalities in the future. Afterwards, the ProPolis team and practice partners from Solingen and Remscheid discussed to what extent and under which climate change scenarios the new findings can be considered in both application cases, as well as how to choose a summer day for simulating the thermal stress.

ProPolis Klimaaenderungssignal DWD ReSoKlima2100

Projected changes in the near and distant future according to the climate change pathways. Source: DWD, ReSoKlima2100, Table 3-1, P. 42

International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2021 “Creating spaces and cultivating mindsets for learning and experimentation.”

The project ProPolis was presented at the International Transdisciplinarity Conference in the poster session „Transdisciplinarity on-the-ground” on 15th of September 2021.

Poster Where science meets the user

Poster “Where science meets the user. Living lab method to support the co-development of the new urban climate model PALM-4U”. © Kriuger, A., Dankwart-Kammoun, S., Heese, I.

Info-Mail #3 June 2021

Please read our Info-Mail #3 – ProPolis-project midterm update. (In German)
ProPolis Info-Mail #3 (686 KB)

[UC]2-Midterm meeting (online)

Following the BMBF networking event, the mid-term meeting of the entire [UC]2 funding measure took place online on 17-18th of June 2021. On the first day, all modules MOSAIK-2, 3DO+M and ProPolis presented the status of their work packages. On the second day, the participants discussed in the cross-module virtual breakout sessions and in the plenary session about model evaluation, data management / the graphical user interface and the requirements for scientific and practice-oriented continuation strategy.

The documentation is available to the project participants on the Knowledge Base

Networking workshop (online) of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) “Digitally dealing with heat”

On the 16th of June 2021, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research together with the funding organization DLR and the funding measure “Urban Climate Under Change” [UC]2 organized a virtual networking workshop within the framework of the BMBF strategy "Research for Sustainability" (FONA) and the BMBF-Digital strategy. The meeting with approx. 80 participants from science, local administration and politics aimed at the critical exchange about the previous and future possible use of digital tools for municipal adaptation climate change.

Besides the joint projects of the [UC]2 funding measure MOSAIK-2, 3DO+M and ProPolis, other research projects such as ISAP (Integrative city-regional adaptation strategies in a polycentric growth region: model region Stuttgart), SMARTilience (management model for a climate-resilient smart city with living labs in Halle (Saale) und Mannheim) and Green City of the Future (Climate-resilient quarters in a growing city) have presented their work. Afterwards the possible needs, strategies, solution approaches but also obstacles for the use of digital tools in municipal practice were discussed in the digital breakout groups.

The press release and presentations are available on the [UC]2-website (in German)
Press release and presentations

Screenshot ProPolis Gruppenbild der TeilnehmerInnen. Ausschnitt aus dem Publikum der Online-Veranstaltung.

Participants of the networking event (part of the audience) © A. Baumgärtner / DLR PT 2021

Interview with [UC]2-coordinator (in German)

Please read the interview with the coordinator of the funding measure [UC]2, Professor Dieter Scherer at the TU Berlin, about the climatic challenges and the PALM-4U urban climate model: “Urban climate model helps cities in adaptation to climate change”

Online-workshop Exlab vor external Stakeholders

In order to expand the Community of Practice (CoP), an introductory and networking meeting took place on June 10, 2021 for the external parties, who are already working with the urban climate PALM-4U or who are interested in using it in the future. In the first part of the event, the representatives of the joint projects ProPolis, MOSAIK-2 and 3DO+M from the BMBF project “Urban Climate Under Change” [UC]2 presented their work. After a break, during which the participants could ask questions to the speakers and the ProPolis consortium in a padlet chat, experiences from practical work with the PALM-4U were reported. At the end of the workshop, there was a brief introduction to the new PALM-4U graphical user interface. Many participants outside of the project registered in the ProPolis discussion forum https://www.propolis-palm-4u.de/ before and after the event, so that the CoP continues to grow.

Screenshot Ausschnitt ProPolis-Diskussionsforum

Excerpt ProPolis online forum. Source: TU Dortmund/sfs 2021

Virtual conference of the European Geosciences Union – vEGU General Assembly 2021

Poster EGU 2021

Poster “Innovative urban climate model PALM-4U as a support tool for municipal climate adaptation strategies”. © Kriuger, A., Reinbold, A., Cortekar, J. / GERICS

The project ProPolis was presented at the virtual vEGU – General Assembly 2021 organized by the European Geosciences Union in the poster session 'Urban climate, urban biometeorology, and science tools for cities' on the 27th of April 2021. The abstract is available here: https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU21/EGU21-12563.html

Online-workshop ExLab E – Input data processing and new graphical user interface (GUI)

On March 25, 2021, the fifth thematic ExLab took place as an online event with the topic "Input data processing and graphical user interface (GUI)". The aim of the ExLab was to inform the practice partners about the status of the GUI development and to obtain their feedback for further GUI development according to the user needs. The ExLab was designed as an interactive workshop. In the beginning, a practical example of input data processing for a PALM-4U application case was presented, followed by a question and answer session. In the next part, ProPolis experts showed the user interface in a live translation. The questions and feedback from practice partners was gathered through virtual padlets and subsequently discussed in two groups. For example, the practice partners were introduced to the processing of the input data of an application for use in PALM-4U in an input block with a subsequent question and answer session. This was followed by the presentation of the GUI concept with a live presentation of the GUI. Following the input block, the practice partners were given time in a padlet based on key questions to give their feedback on the GUI and to express development requests. The padlets were then discussed in two groups.

ProPolis Landeshauptstadt München – Kommunalreferat – GeodatenService 2020

Excerpt graphical user interface ©Fraunhofer IBP 2021, Data: © Landeshauptstadt München (2020 & 2021); Plots and buildings: © Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung (2020)

12. German Climate Conference (Deutsche Klimatagung) (Online)

The project ProPolis was presented at the virtual 12. German Climate Conference on 16th of March 2021 in the session “Climate protection and adaptation”. The Abstract can be found here: https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/DKT-12/DKT-12-24.html (in German)

The recorded presentation is available on the TIB AV-Portal .

Online-workshop Exlab D - concept of ExLabs „on-site“

On February 25, 2021, the practice partners and the project consortium met online for the fourth thematic ExLab to get to know the format of the “ExLabs on site” and to obtain feedback for the implementation of these events. The aim of the ExLabs on site will be to collect information for the evaluation of the practicablity of PALM-4U in order to be able to further improve the model with regard to this requirement. For assisted self-users, this concerns the operation of the model with the help of the graphical user interface. In the case of service users, the use of the modeling results is a particular focus. These are to be presented to a broad group of colleagues on site for the first time and then discussed. The project team would like to get feedback from as many departments as possible, who (can) work with the modeling results.

ProPolis Abfrageergebnisse Erwartungen an die Veranstaltung

Mentimeter-question about the expectations of the on-site ExLab workshops. Source: Difu.

Info-Mail #2 December 2020

Please read our Info-Mail #2 – ProPolis-project update – one year passed! (in German) ProPolis Info-Mail #2 (400 KB)

Online-workshop Exlab C – Trainings, services and support

The third thematic ExLab took place on November 26th 2020 as an online-workshop with the topic “Trainings, services and support”. During this interactive event the participants have got a lot of space for discussion among themselves and with the scientific consortium. The main aim of ExLab C was to gather the experiences and preferences of the project partners with regard to training, services and support. At first, the topics of training, services and support were presented in three main blocks. After each input, the participants had the opportunity to prioritize the support offers presented in a short survey. The results of the survey were then discussed. Based on the feedback from the practice partners, offers for capacity building are to be further developed and tested during the course of the project.

Online-workshop Exlab B – Thermal wellbeing and cold-air balance

On October 1, 2020 the second thematic ExLab took place as an online event with the topic ‘Thermal wellbeing and cold-air balance’. The participants received extensive information on PALM-4U application possibilities in the above mention field and reported on their own use cases and work processes with regard to modeling.

Online-workshop ExLab A – Community of Practice (CoP)

The first ExLab A took place on the June 25, 2020 as an online-seminar with the topic Community of Practice (CoP). The practice partners had an opportunity to present their PALM-4U modelling cases to each other in a Gallery Walk in ProPolis online-forum https://www.propolis-palm-4u.de/ . Afterwards in the virtual ExLab they discussed the infographics prepared in advance, asked questions and exchanged with ProPolis Experts. The ProPolis PALM-4U online-forum is being furhter developed as a room for knowledge and experience exchange.

Info-Mail #1 May 2020

Please read our Info-Mail #1 - ProPolis project-update in the time of corona-pandemic (in German)
ProPolis Info-Mail #1 (300 KB)

ProPolis Kick-off workshop

On January 28, 2020, the kick-off workshop in the ProPolis project took place in Dortmund. The first work results were achieved together with participants from all 13 partner municipalities, project partners and representatives from the joint projects MOSAIK-2 and 3DO+M.